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What does MyCCBA do?
It provides you with a modern, visual and simplified way to find products and place orders online at any time which is convenient to you.
How do I access MyCCBA and do I need data?
Yes, in order to use the web based application you would require internet access on any smart device or desktop.
What information is used to log in to the MyCCBA?
Once you have set your password, you can log in using either your mobile number or email and your password.
What happens if I do not know what mobile number or email address is registered on the system?
You would have received an invitation email or SMS asking you to sign up on MyCCBA, use the mobile number or email address you received the invitation on. You can also contact the CIC for assistance at 087 283 2222 and email (
If my contact details change (e.g., phone is stolen or replaced), how do I go about updating my mobile number?
Contact the CIC at 087 283 2222 and email ( to update your contact details.​
I am unable to log in, e.g. forgot my password, what do I do?
Make sure the password matches the required format in the password field. If you have forgotten your password, you can re-set it using the ‘Forgot Password’ link which is found on the sign-in page. You can also contact the CIC at 087 283 2222 and email ( for assistance.
When can a customer start utilizing MyCCBA?​
Once you have signed up using the link provided by your account manager/pre-seller merchandiser and have been shown how to use the platform, you can start using it immediately.​
Can I change the language, what languages are available for the platform?
MyCCBA is currently only available in English.​
Can I use the platform to place orders for more than one outlet?
MyCCBA is limited to one outlet per user.​
Will I still be able to use existing/alternative forms of ordering?
We recommend using MyCCBA, however if you are experiencing issues with the platform, you will still be able to place orders as you currently do.​
Can I place my order at any time?
You can place an order on MyCCBA at any time, however the delivery date of your order will be affected by the existing order cut-off time.
Can my shop manager/assistant place orders on my behalf?
MyCCBA is limited to one user per outlet.​
How will I be notified when my order has been placed?
You will receive two notifications, the 1st will be that your order has been placed and is awaiting confirmation. The 2nd notification will be your order confirmation with order number, total price after discounts and promotions have been applied.​
Can I amend or cancel my order on the platform after it has been placed?
No, you need to contact the CIC at 087 283 2222 and email ( or your Account Manager.
Why has my order failed?
An order failed message will appear on screen, you will also receive a order cancelled notification SMS/email. Please contact the CIC at 087 283 2222 and email ( assistance and reference the error message.
Why have I not received an order confirmation?
Your order has either failed or you are experiencing a technical issue, please contact the CIC at 087 283 2222 and email (

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